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In 1954  the skiing pioneers and racers Riki and Ernst Spieß had the courage to move from Innsbruck to Mayrhofen, where they foundes the first skischool in Mayrhofen. In 1968 the built-up of the Ahorn cable car revealed an ideal beginner’s area. The transfer of Riki’s Skikindergarten to the Ahorn, as well as the establishment of the Ahorn descent increased the attractivity of the Ahorn as well, and the number of guests rose rapidly. To strengthen the skischool on the Ahorn, Riki and Ernst put up the Ahornhütte in autumn 1971 in only 3 months construction time with a colourful team of builders and ski instructors. The newly built Ahornhütte offered enough place for ski instructors, a ski depot and was a pleasant place for the numerous ski school kids..

And now...

With the takeover of the skischool and the Ahornhütte through the former ski racer Uli Spieß and his wife Renate in 1987, the Ahornhütte entered the gastronomic field by the opening of a kiosk. After an extension and the erection of the sun terrace the Ahornhütte ist opened as an all-season mountain restaurant since winter 1988/89. The cosy Ahornhütte with ist sun terrace and the breathtaking panorama over the Alps of the Ziller Valley evolved to a popular destination. A lot of guests came to gaze the numerous cups of world cup winner Uli Spieß and gather an autograph as a souvenir for home.

Uli & Renate Spieß | f.l.t.r. Uli & Renate Spieß, Sara, Julia, Maria & Benny Siller | ski racer Uli Spieß

Uli and Renate managed to integrate the gastronomy into the Ahornhütte in 1987. Since that time the number of regular guests rose rapidly.

Ever since it was an effort and a deep wish of the family Spieß to bring the alpine experience nearer to our guests. From the skischool founded by Riki and Ernst in 1954 evolved the Ahornhütte, which is now – embedded in the Alps of the Ziller Valley – a support point for sportsmen and mountain lovers in summer as well as in winter.

Today Benny and Maria are already the next generation who made it their mission to make our guest’s visit on Ahorn a special mountain experience.

To fulfil all this, the hut has been expanded and improved continuously. And today Benny and Maria are the next generation on the frontline of the Ahornhütte.

f.l.t.r. Sara, Julia, Benny, Xaver, Tristan & Maria Siller | conceptual images Ahorn Lodge

The Ahorn Lodge

In 2012, the planning phase of remodeling the Ahornhütte starts. Finally, in May 2016 the sod is placed. In addition to a complete renovation and redesign of the restaurant area, a new bar area and a closed area on the terrace, the most fundamental change is the construction of 4 apartments upstairs of the hut. The Ahorn Lodge is born!

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